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Precision in Theory and Practice

— Participants enthusiastic about SIOS practical seminar on simultaneous displacement and angle measurement

On June 26, 2024, the first SIOS practical seminar on simultaneous displacement and angle measurement with a focus on the compensation of Abbe errors took place at our premises in Ilmenau. We welcomed a small group of six experts from renowned companies.

From theory to practice
The seminar, led by Dr. Ralf Schüler, R & D Director, and Falko Seyfferth, Application Engineer at SIOS, began with a comprehensive theoretical part. On the agenda were:

  • Influencing factors on interferometric measurements
  • Multibeam interferometers for the detection of geometric errors
  • Abbe error-free measurement with a triple-beam laser interferometer
  • Correcting geometric errors in 6-DoF measurements
  • Improving the Repeatability of Interferometric Measurements

After the lunch break, the participants had the opportunity to test their newly acquired knowledge directly at our prepared measuring stations. The exercises focused on the question of how to realize an Abbe error free measurement setup with the SP 5000 TR triple beam interferometer and the SP 15000 C6 NG calibration interferometer
The theoretical part already showed how the Abbe error can be compensated mathematically with the help of free calculation. In the practical part, our experts Enrico Langlotz, Head of R & D / Project Management, and Falko Seyfferth were able to show that this is very easy to implement using our InfasAXIS software.
The participants took the opportunity to perform the adjustment themselves using the SIOS software tool "Signalmonitor" and, of course, to ask our experts numerous questions about their own applications. 

Voices from the field
The feedback from the seminar participants was consistently positive. The depth of the theoretical knowledge imparted and the opportunity to directly apply what they had learned in practice were described as extremely valuable.
"The detailed explanation of how environmental factors such as temperature, air pressure and humidity influence measurement uncertainty and how these factors can be precisely taken into account was particularly impressive." writes Andreas Fanelsa, Laboratory Manager at Perschmann Calibration GmbH, in his LinkedIn post.

Innovations in dialog
The seminar offered not only knowledge transfer, but also a platform for professional exchange. During the breaks and the practical part of the seminar, there were lively discussions about the topic and the optimization of our own measurement setups. This exchange is not only very exciting for the seminar participants, we also benefit from this type of intensive customer contact. We learn more about our customers' applications and problems, which is very useful for future developments and improvements of our products.

Outlook and next steps
The success of the seminar encourages us to continue this series of events. "The positive feedback and the intensive exchange with the participants are not only confirmation for us, but also an incentive for further practical seminars. The relatively small group size proved to be ideal. Only in this way was it possible for us to respond to the numerous questions in detail," says Dr. Ralf Schüler.

Interested parties can already register for the repeat of the practical seminar on September 24, 2024.

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See the picture gallery for impressions of the practical seminar.