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Precision Climate Measuring Station


Multichannel high accuracy environmental data acquisition

temperature sensors with integrated electronics

high accuracy and easy interchangeability

5 wired and up to 15 wireless sensors are available, extension of sensor number on demand

air sensors and material sensors are available

sensor box for air pressure and humidity

factory calibration and optional DAkkS calibration

The precision climate measuring station records the environmental variables temperature, air pressure and humidity with the highest accuracy.

To achieve this technically best possible precision, all measuring sensors are digitally calibrated together with the measuring electronics. Optionally, wireless temperature sensors can also be connected.
This precision climate data acquisition was originally developed for interferometry, which requires highly accurate environmental recording, especially of temperature and air pressure. It is now available for other applications as the LCS precision climate measurement station. In combination with LCSTemp software and the appropriate number of wireless sensors, the station can be used for measuring room qualification according to VDI/VDE 2627.

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Highly accurate temperature, air pressure and humidity measurement

documentation and, if necessary, compensation of environmental influences during measurements and calibrations

monitoring of precise measurement and test setups

OEM module in precision machines

measuring room qualification

Ideal for

measuring and calibration rooms



OEM applications


Environmental Correction

sensor box SB-22

temperature transducer TT-01 for air or material temperature sensor

air humidity sensor

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