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Noisy changes in SIOS

— Not only our products are constantly being improved and developed, but also our company premises in Ilmenau are undergoing drastic changes. In the last few days, parking spaces have been laid, construction containers erected and construction fences installed. The first construction machines are in use on the SIOS premises.

Construction work on the SIOS company premises

Construction work on the SIOS company premises: Demolition of an old building section

What is planned? An old aging building wing will be replaced by a modern two-story new building in the next few months.

However, before new construction can begin, the old section of the building must be demolished. First of all, this means relocating offices, canteen and workrooms, as well as communication and utility lines. The demolition will start in the next few days and will cause a lot of noise.

For this reason, we ask for your understanding that in the meantime it may be a little louder on the phone than you are used to. If the construction noise makes communication difficult, simply send us an e-mail at

We will report on further measures and advantages of the new building.

Thank you for your understanding!