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High Precision Length Measurement Systems

Modular Laser Interferometers

SIOS interferometers, designed for measurements of the physical quantity length, form the technical basis for the entire range of interferometric measuring systems. The accurate length measuring systems provide fast results for metrics like distance, displacement or position with the highest precision and reliability for small and large distances up to 80 m.

The highest priority in the development of the systems was given to comfortable handling as well as safe and accurate adjustment of the interferometer components. Thus, the measuring systems guarantee easy handling. The integrated alignment aid makes it possible to work with only one reflecting surface as reflector. The design of the laser interferometers is both robust and compact, so that nothing stands in the way of their use in harsh industrial environments. 



Laser interferometer

SP 5000 NG

displacement measurement up to 5 m

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Long-Range laser interferometer

SP 15000 NG

for highly accurate length measurements over long distances (long range measurements)

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Differential laser interferometer

SP 5000 DI

ultra-stable and high-resolution long-term measurement

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Differential laser interferometer

SP 5000 DI/F

as feedback system

Installation system for real-time data output

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High precision length measurement

In this webinar, our experts talk about the theory and practice of interferometric length measurement.

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