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Frequency stabilized HeNe lasers

Highly stable light source as a measuring standard in laser-optical metrology and as a frequency standard

The SIOS stabilized HeNe lasers (helium-neon lasers) are characterized by very high frequency and amplitude stability. They are available as built-in lasers or stand-alone devices. Optionally, they can be equipped with optical fiber couplings and Faraday isolators, among other things. Frequency connection to an iodine-stabilized HeNe laser and issuance of a factory test certificate are also possible.

The frequency-stabilized HeNe lasers with a wavelength of 632.8 nm are the "heart" of our high-precision interferometers.

Fields of application for stabilized red Helium Neon lasers

Laser for high resolution interference optical metrology

  • precision length measurement
  • interference optical surface and wavefront measurements
  • holographic measurement methods

Reference laser for frequency and wavelength

  • calibration of spectrometers and wavemeters
  • internal reference for spectrometers and wavemeters

Laser for international frequency standards

  • representation of the unit of length
  • frequency standard in the visible spectrum

Our frequency-stabilized HeNe lasers are widely used as light sources in semiconductor industry, interferometry, spectroscopy and metrology.


SIOS not only offers technically high-quality standard HeNe lasers, but also has the necessary expertise and competence to meet specific requirements of OEM customers. Our experts develop individual frequency-stabilized OEM laser modules adapted to your requirements in close consultation with you.

With pleasure we can:

  • optimize laser characteristics such as frequency stability, light output, thermal frequency drift, beam diameter and divergence, and mode spacing and polarization for your needs,
  • customize the installation criteria such as space requirements, power supply, connectivity or waste heat characteristics to increase maintainability,
  • take measures against electric shock, touch protection, overcurrent resistance, but also against critical environmental influences such as dust ingress (encapsulation),
  • for fiber-coupled OEM modules: Type and length of fiber, connectors on input and beam exit side, possibly provide free fiber end.

Through direct communication with our laser specialists, we can guarantee a speedy design process. Thanks to our own capacities in electronics manufacturing for frequency-stabilized He-Ne lasers, nothing stands in the way of the production of customer-specific OEM laser modules with a high degree of individualization. Effective processing and a lean company structure guarantee competitive costs.

Our service is rounded off by frequency recalibration of your lasers as well as laser tube exchange.

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