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Environmental metrology

Climate measuring station, temperature, air pressure and humidity sensors for monitoring of the measuring environment

The need for high-precision measurements is constantly increasing, both in scientific institutions and in industry. Due to the miniaturization of components and structures, precision machines are performing more and more demanding tasks.
This is the case, for example, in electronics production, the semiconductor industry and modern mechanical engineering. 

Especially in industrial environments, measurements are not always performed under ideal laboratory conditions or in optimized measuring rooms. However, monitoring the environmental conditions is of crucial importance. Even small changes in temperature, air pressure or humidity can affect measurements and lead to inaccurate results. To ensure that measurements are accurate, reproducible and reliable, it is essential to monitor the environmental parameters accurately. In this way, the measurement results obtained can be accurately monitored, compensated for if necessary, and measurement errors minimized.

Precision Climate Measuring Station


multi-channel temperature measurement

wireless measurements

precise calibration

Product details

Measuring probes and sensors

TT-01, Pt100, WT-01, SB-22

Environmental sensors suitable for the LCS climate measuring station

Temperature and material sensors

Air pressure and humidity sensors

Product details

Measuring room monitoring


Device set for monitoring measuring rooms

Classification according to VDI/VDE 2627

Product details

SIOS offers the right environmental measurement technology for seamless monitoring of your measurement environment. You can use our climate measurement components as stand-alone measurement systems or as accessories for our laser interferometers.

  • Laser Interferometry
  • Measuring room qualification
  • Laboratory set-ups/laboratory environments

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Product brochure: Environmental measurement technology

Product information for seamless monitoring of measuring rooms with climate measuring station, temperature, air pressure and humidity sensors.

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