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Precision Climate Measuring Station


Multichannel high accuracy environmental data acquisition

temperature sensors with integrated electronics

high accuracy and easy interchangeability

5 wired and up to 15 wireless sensors are available, extension of sensor number on demand

air sensors and material sensors are available

sensor box for air pressure and humidity

factory calibration and optional DAkkS calibration

The LCS Precision Climate Station is a data acquisition station to which all SIOS environmental sensors can be connected. The data is output in various formats via USB or RS-232 and stored in the supplied LCS-Desk software. The basic version of LCS-Desk is supplied as a Windows version. A Linux version and an extended version for room classification or monitoring are optionally available. On request, LCS-Desk can be pre-installed on a panel PC for wall mounting.

You can operate the LCS climate station as a stand-alone climate station, for example, to monitor temperatures and other environmental data on test setups or to monitor and qualify test rooms. 
We also recommend using the LCS precision climate station as an extension to our laser interferometers for environmental monitoring. The rear output of the LCS can be connected to the SB input of the UW-3x interferometer environmental recording modules of the electronic evaluation and supply units of the SIOS interferometers. This allows the operation of the interferometers with more complex environmental sensors and the simultaneous and permanent recording of environmental influences via the LCS-Desk software.

The LCS climate station has several data ports for the measured values, RS-232 and USB, which appear as COM ports on the PC. These data ports can be operated in a proprietary binary format, which is used for the PC software LCS-Desk and for the coupling with the SIOS laser interferometers. Optionally, a freely definable text format can be set. This allows to emulate text based formats from other climate stations.

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Environmental module UW-3x

The UW-3x environmental module serves as a data acquisition module for installation in the electronic evaluation and supply unit of the SIOS interferometers. Various temperature, air pressure and humidity sensors are available for connection to this module.
The measured values are used internally to correct the laser wavelength in air and are available to the measurement software for further applications.

The UW-3x module is available in different versions that differ in the number and type of connectors.

Downloads UW-3x

Highly accurate temperature, air pressure and humidity measurement

documentation and, if necessary, compensation of environmental influences during measurements and calibrations

monitoring of precise measurement and test setups

OEM module in precision machines

measuring room qualification

Ideal for

measuring and calibration rooms



OEM applications


Measuring probes and sensors

TT-01, Pt100, WT-01, SB-22

Environmental sensors suitable for the LCS climate measuring station

Temperature and material sensors

Air pressure and humidity sensors

Product details

Measuring room monitoring


Device set for monitoring measuring rooms

Classification according to VDI/VDE 2627

Product details

Our download tip:
Product brochure: Environmental measurement technology

Product information for seamless monitoring of measuring rooms with climate measuring station, temperature, air pressure and humidity sensors.

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Related software


The LCS-Desk software is included with the LCS climate measuring stationand is used to collect, display and save the measured values.
It is possible to display individual measured values as a table, large figures visible from a distance or as a time curve. The user interface can be customized.
The program is suitable for short-term measurements in the laboratory as well as for long-term recordings. 
The measured values can be saved locally as a text file or, for example, in an external time series database such as InfluxDB. Saving can be continued automatically when the program is restarted.
The LCS climate monitoring station can also be used without the LCS-Desk software via its serial interfaces. In this case, LCS-Desk only serves as a one-time configuration program for the options and communication formats of the LCS climate monitoring station.

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