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Applications and solutions

Learn how SIOS measurement systems are used.

In research and development as well as in numerous industrial fields, our high-precision measuring systems have become indispensable. For example, our measurement technology is used in calibration, mechanical engineering, the optics and semiconductor industry, medical technology, nanometrology and geoscience. However, as diverse as the fields of application are, as different are their requirements and the suitable solutions for those requirements.

On these pages you can find:

  • Examples of applications and fields of use for our measurement technology and measurement systems,
  • information on solutions for a wide variety of measurement tasks,
  • scientific articles from technical journals,
  • interesting publications from the press.

Laser interferometer for length and angle measurement

Triple beam laser interferometer for high-precision simultaneous measurement of length and angle.

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Dynamic alignment and calibration of linear axes

High-precision simultaneous acquisition of linear position, pitch and yaw angle as well as a straightness component in a single measurement run.

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Measuring in the electron storage ring

Use of the triple-beam laser interferometers for high-precision alignment of the magnetic coils (undulators).

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Laser interferometer for length measurements

Laser interferometric measurement systems for length measurements from one nanometer up to 80 meters

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Fast air temperature sensors

Improved air temperature sensor characteristics for higher precision in measuring rooms.

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Differential laser interferometer for geosciences

The differential laser interferometer of the SP-DI series forms the heart of the Strainmeter for determining deformations and vibrations of the earth's crust.

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Laser interferometric vibrometer

Basics, concept, software and applications of vibrometers for precise, non-contact and flexible vibration measurement.

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Characterization of microstructures

When characterizing microstructures traditional systems reach their limits. One solution is to use a laser vibrometer together with a technical microscope and the nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machine.

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