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InfasPOINT – new SIOS-software

— InfasPOINT is a software for calibration at single-channel length measurement.

InfasPOINT provides the measured value as number and passes this number to another software, for example, a management of test tools. The measurement procedure is typically so that a known body, for example a gauge block, is touched and the interferometer is set to the known value of the gauge. Then the test sample is measured one or more times and the measured value is transmitted to the external software.

The software can compensate the temperature of the test sample and measuring body automatically. It has an integrated signal monitor for alignment.

  • The transfer of the measured value can be done
  • by several methods:by sending via the serial interface, with a freely definable formatby copying to the clipboard, or
  • by emulated keyboard input.

InfasPOINT is able to simulate different measuring instruments so that various measurement and CAQ software can integrated comprehensively. For easy integration a device-less printing version is available for simulation for customers, developers and administrators.

The response to the new software is very good. In the near future more features will be added.