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First In-house Exhibition

— The first SIOS in-house exhibition with lectures, demonstrations of our measuring systems and expert discussions will be held on November 5, 2015.

About 40 visitors toured laboratories and production rooms, listened to lectures and had many intensive technical discussions. A large part of our laser interferometric measuring systems as well as stabilised He-Ne lasers were demonstrated and could be tested themselves. The focus of the presentations was the newly developed calibration interferometer SP 15000 C5. This is used for the calibration of high-precision axes on measuring machines and machine tools as well as coordinate measuring machines. It enables highly accurate simultaneous length, angle and straightness measurements without the need for readjustment. This allows synchronous, continuous measurements of 5 degrees of freedom to be realised.

In addition to the self-developed measuring software for simple calibrations, the software package from AfM Technology GmbH was also presented. The combination of our calibration interferometer with the AfM software is the ideal solution for measuring, calibrating and correcting machine tools and coordinate measuring machines with almost all CNC controls established on the market.

With bright sunshine, almost summer-like temperatures and a correspondingly good mood, the in-house exhibition was a complete success.
We are looking forward to many technical suggestions, to new projects and thank all participants for their visit.