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  • WORLD Interferometry Day goes into the second round on April 06, 2022!

WORLD Interferometry Day goes into the second round on April 06, 2022!

— Last year, together with TU Ilmenau, we launched WORLD Interferometry Day to commemorate the groundbreaking birth of the interferometer in general and the Michelson interferometer in particular.

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Applications of interferometers range from nano and precision engineering to space exploration and the mysteries of gravitational waves. Today, laser interferometry enables a wide variety of electronic applications in a wide range of economic sectors. In general, modern industrial manufacturing now requires such precise machining processes that today we speak of ultra-precision machining or high-end precision manufacturing, which would be inconceivable without high-accuracy precision measurement systems such as interferometers.

Preparations for WORLD Interferometry Day are already in full swing here in Ilmenau. For example, the TU Ilmenau is organizing an international scientific symposium on April 11, 2022. The program with top-class speakers from all over the world has already been fixed. We will also participate in the symposium.

You can find more information and registration here:

Our aim is to inspire as many people as possible all over the world to participate in our day of action.

All interested parties, whether scientists, engineers, technicians, teachers, artists or amateur physicists are invited to support this day with experiments, lectures and other activities. We are excited about your creativity and look forward to your participation in WORLD Interferometry Day 2022.

You can register your contribution here:

Help spread the word about our idea! Use any media, social media channels or your own website to promote #WorldInterferometryDay 2022.