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Calibration of positioning axes, CMMs and machine tools

— Get insights and information on the theory and practice of calibration.

interferometer for high-precision simultaneous measurement and calibration

The SP 15000 C5 laser interferometer for high-precision simultaneous measurement and calibration of length, pitch angle, yaw angle and straightness on positioning axes

In the theoretical part of the webinar you will learn more about:

  • geometric deviations on machine axes and their designations
  • different types of geometric error compensation
  • the process of calibration from compensation to verification 
  • the acceptance tests 
  • necessary hardware and software

and in the practical part of the webinar you will learn more about:

  • how easy it is to handle and adjust a measuring system on site, 
  • how to perform precise calibration of linear axes,
  • how to quickly and reliably perform acceptance measurements with a compact laser interferometer,
  • how several degrees of freedom can be measured simultaneously with a multibeam interferometer and used for verification and correction 

Speaker: Wolfram Meyer

Language: English

Recording date: May 06, 2021

Time: 50 min


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