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Optical vibration measurement from nanometer to picometer

— Detect the movement of objects measured in a wide frequency range and sub-nanometer resolution

Webinar: Optical Vibration Measurement

Webinar: Optical Vibration Measurement with SIOS Vibrometers / Photo: I Viewfinder –

Laser interferometric vibrometers are the first choice for all applications where accurate and non-contact measurement of an objects motion is required. Due to the non-contact mode of operation, they give you the ability to quickly analyze the movement of objects in different positions without any mechanical influence from the sensor.

In our webinar, you will gain insight into the theory and practice of vibrometry. Among other things, our expert Wolfram Meyer will introduce you to the range of possibilities in using laser interferometric measurement methods to analyze object vibrations, for example to optimize product properties or to get to the bottom of vibration phenomena in the scientific field.

The following topics will be presented in our webinar:

  • technical concepts of homodyne laser interferometric vibrometry
  • setup of the vibration measuring station for vibrometers
  • optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio
  • examples of applications from industry and science
  • presentation of vibration measurement software as well as variations of data output and measured value synchronization
  • suitable hardware and software interfaces

Following the presentation, several questions will be answered.

Speaker: Wolfram Meyer

Language: English

Recording date: November 30, 2021

Time: 53 min


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