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30 Years of SIOS

— We celebrate our company anniversary on November 19th, 2021!

30th anniversary of the SIOS company

The history of SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH begins in November 1991 with its spin-off from the Institute for Process Measurement and Sensor Technology at the Technical University of Ilmenau.

The founders of the company are Prof. Dr. Gerd Jäger, Dr. Walter Schott – at the same time the first and longtime managing director – Prof. Dr. Rainer Grünwald, Dr. Hans-Joachim Büchner and Dr. Detlef Heydenbluth, who contributed their extensive know-how as the basis for the company’s activities. The founders started with the goal of developing the potential of laser interferometry at the highest level of measurement technology for practical applications and thus making the world of measurement technology even more accurate and precise.

In the meantime, SIOS is not only one of the leading manufacturers of laser interferometric measurement systems, but also one of the most important European suppliers of stabilized He-Ne lasers as metrological light sources with highly stable wavelengths. In addition, SIOS is a supplier of the world’s most accurate positioning system with its NMM nanopositioning and nanometrology machine, making it the sole market leader.

“We will continue to focus our corporate activities in the future on transferring scientific results combined with technical know-how into innovative products with the highest quality standards. Of course, without losing sight of the greatest possible benefit for our customers.”

assures Dr. Denis Dontsov, new managing director of SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH since 2016.

“It is important to us that we maintain our willingness to innovate and continue to face increasing challenges in precision measurement technology. However, we can only meet these demands together with our employees, our partners, customers and suppliers. Today, we would like to thank them as well as the SIOS founders and scientific companions for 30 successful years. Only together can upcoming tasks be solved and the things of this world that are invisible to the eye be measured ever more accurately and precisely, right down to the subnanometer range.”

Glückwünsche und Grußworte

On the occasion of our 30th anniversary, we received greetings and congratulations.
We would like to thank you very much for this.

Greeting by Dr. Ralf Pieterwas, Chief Executive Officer of IHK South Thuringia

Innovation for the region.pdf


SIOS und Messysteme von aixACCT Systems sind seit fast 20 Jahren eng mit einander verbunden.

Wir sind seit 1999 in der Welt der ferro und piezoelektrischen Materialien zu Hause und haben uns hier zum Technologieführer entwickelt. Dabei greifen wir fast ausschließlich auf die Laserinterferometer von SIOS zurück. In dieser Zeit sind so fast 200 Systeme integriert worden.

Dabei hat uns nicht nur stets die Leistungsfähigkeiten der Systeme überzeugt, sondern auch die partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit. Ähnlich wie SIOS bewegen wir uns bei der Realisierung unserer Projekte oftmals an den Grenzen des technisch Machbaren, daher ist essentiell bei deren Umsetzung auf ein hoch kompetentes und immer engagiertes Team bei SIOS vertrauen zu können.

Das gesamte Team von aixACCT Systems wünscht der Sios Messtechnik GmbH zum 30jährigen Jubiläum alles gute und wir freuen uns auf viele weitere Jahre enger und produktiver Zusammenarbeit.

We would like to thank you very much for the constructive and committed cooperation with the colleagues at SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH over the past 30 years and hope that the cooperation can be continued in the same way in the future.

Open PTB greeting

Very best wishes to our friends at SIOS for your 30th anniversary.
From past and present members of Armstrong Optical it has been our pleasure to work with you and we are very grateful for your continuing support.

Also looking forward to future co-operation in the years ahead.

Congratulations on your 30th anniversary!!
We are very happy to hear that and this anniversary is in recognition of your hard work, you deserve it!

We hope for your continued success and all of your happiness in the future as well.

Bless SIOS  Meßtechnik GmbH, 30th anniversary

Development is getting better and better!
The accuracy is getting higher and higher!
The market is getting bigger and bigger!

Best Regards,
Jacky Chiang

Our association with SIOS is more than a decade. We enjoyed working with team SIOS and got good success in the Indian Market. Peter Grundschok travelled to India with the system and together we travelled to various customers to demonstrate the tool. By seeing the tool and looking at the live demonstration, customers got confidence and placed their orders with us. We also created some OEM Accounts. 

Some of the customers are:

  1. IGCAR – Kalpakkam
  2. CMERI – Durgapur
  3. Octagon – Pune
  4. Aditya Engineering – Pune
  5. NPL – Delhi   etc…

Presently also we are working on some good projects with SIOS Team and hoping for a continued success for both of us.
SIOS Team is highly technical friendly & provide excellent Customer Support.
We would like to wish all the very best to SIOS for its future endeavour