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What do you do after graduating from high school?

— That's exactly what Philipp, an 11th grade student at the Ilmenau High School "Am Lindenberg" is trying to find out for himself during his student internship at SIOS.

Philipp would like to find out what everyday working life is like in a company after graduating from university or college. Philipp is in exactly the right place at SIOS, because 28 percent of our employees have a university degree or a doctorate and now work in research and development.

Why is the proportion of engineers at SIOS so high?
Quite simply, we offer a high-quality selection of precision measurement systems for professional use in both science and industry. As different as their requirements and applications are, both fields rely on our high level of expertise to develop innovative measurement technology. As a research-driven company, we are thus able to meet our customers' requirements at all times thanks to our highly qualified experts.

Philipp is supervised by Dr. Ralf Schüler, Head of Development. Philipp spends most of his internship in the electronics production area. Due to his interest in IT, he tests, repairs and updates old computers or soldering, assembling and mounting electronic components. In doing so, he takes the opportunity to talk to our employees to learn more about the everyday life of an engineer.

After graduating from high school, Philipp will decide whether to study part-time or directly at Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences or Ilmenau University of Technology.

We wish Philipp good luck with his decision and hope that we were able to provide a good insight into electronics manufacturing and IT.