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Made in Thuringia: The region's hidden champions in the spotlight

— SIOS honored as Thuringia's world market and technology leader

According to an evaluation by the State Development Corporation (LEG), there are 89 companies in Thuringia that are considered secret world market or technology leaders in their segment. Their number has increased in recent years, LEG announced at a meeting of these companies in Erfurt on Friday, March 3, 2023. The LEG marketing campaign “Hidden Champions – Thuringia's World Market and Technology Leaders” aims to highlight the competencies and potential of companies in the Free State and make them known far beyond the state's borders.

In the course of a comprehensive evaluation of the Thuringian economy, almost 89 companies were identified across all sectors that are among the world leaders in their respective industries. Most of the “champions” are to be found in the optics, photonics and electronics sector, with 26 companies – Thuringia is considered one of the centers of the optical industry in Germany. In terms of regional distribution, Jena, the greater Erfurt area and Ilmenau score particularly well.

As an internationally active developer and manufacturer of laser interferometric measurement systems, HeNe lasers and the nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machine, we are one of the innovation leaders in the Free State.
A great recognition for our work and a big thank you to our employees! They have earned this award.

As a rule, hidden champions are relatively unknown, predominantly medium-sized companies that are market leaders in their industry or segment. As a hidden champion, SIOS is characterized above all by innovative strength, a high degree of added value, flexibility and customer proximity. In contrast to corporate groups, most of the value creation process takes place at our site in Ilmenau, allowing us to comprehensively control the quality of our precision measurement technology and respond to individual customer requirements.