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Precision and Reliability in Measurement as in Build

— The new multifunctional building on the company premises of SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH will be inaugurated with a festive event on Thursday, October 13, 2022.

The management and shareholders of SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH have now demonstrated their willingness to invest in the future of the company by constructing a new company building. The construction project was supported by the Thüringer Aufbaubank with funds from the Free State of Thuringia and the EU.

The two-story new building with a total area of 400 square meters replaces an old, much smaller intermediate building that was demolished in the course of the construction work and now creates state-of-the-art working conditions in several areas of the company. Thus, a special production area for customer-specific measuring stations and special large-scale equipment is created, such as the world's most accurate nanometer measuring and positioning machine NMM. Special equipment manufacturing accounts for a significant share of sales in addition to series equipment, which is why this investment will make a major contribution to the positive development of the company. 

A new laboratory for studies on the temperature stability of the measuring instruments will also improve the equipment of the development department. As the highly technical products require a certain level of technical understanding on the part of the customer and in some cases a greater need for explanation and advice, appropriate conditions have also been created to improve sales activities. A conference room equipped with modern multimedia technology has been created in the new building for face-to-face events such as sales representative and customer training courses. At the same time, the necessary technology was purchased to enable all marketing communications to be held online in webinar form. 

The third focus of the investment is on mechanical production. In order to be able to react flexibly to customer wishes, we guarantee a very high vertical range of manufacture and can also produce all the mechanical parts required for our devices ourselves. With the new building, the mechanical workshop has been spatially expanded, thus creating the possibility for an increase in production capacity. With the installation of a measuring room, the quality assurance in this area is also further improved. 

Dr. Denis Dontsov, Managing Director of SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH, explains: "It is a great pleasure for us to add another milestone to the company's more than 30-year successstory with the new building. Through the expansion and a restructuring of the premises that also extends to the old building complex, we are creating ideal conditions for even more effective cooperation between the development department and production."
Jens Jäger, authorized signatory of SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH and project manager of the new building adds: "It was all the more important for us that the building could be occupied on time. Here, our construction company, Schmalkaldener Bau GmbH, deserves the greatest praise, which succeeded in carrying out the construction work under the difficult conditions of the Corona pandemic without any cutbacks. Despite a high level of sick leave and delivery problems, from which the entire construction industry suffers, our new building was completed in the planned construction time of 10 months and in very good quality."

The inauguration ceremony will be attended by SIOS employees, business and project partners as well as representatives from politics, business and the press. Among others, Wolfgang Tiefensee, Thuringian Minister for Economy, Science and Digital Society, Dr. Daniel Schultheiß, Mayor of the City of Ilmenau, as well as the SIOS founders Prof. Dr. Gerd Jäger, Dr. Walter Schott, Dr. Hans-Joachim Büchner, Dr. Detlef Heydenbluth and other SIOS shareholders have confirmed their attendance.