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Photonics West and customer visits in USA

— From 28th January until 2nd February 2017 the company SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH was at the SPIE Photonics West fair in San Francisco and acted as a co-exhibitor at the booth of the US representative Piezosystem jena, Inc.

In many customer meetings the great interest in the Calibration Laser Interferometer SP 15000 C5 has became apparent. The promising new contacts will be used now for opening up of new international markets especially in the range of machine calibration.

In connection with the fair our sales manager Mr. Peter Grundschok visited standing and potential customers together with our US-american colleague Mr. Peter Viglas from piezosystem jena. Thereby the Calibration Laser Interferometer SP 15000 C5 took center of the discussions as well.

In addition to famous companies of the industrial sectors of optics and machine tools the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT was a important part of the visitation program.