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Mechanical engineering student conducts research in environmental metrology

— Felix Hellmann, student at TU Ilmenau, gains practical experience at SIOS

Felix Hellman, student at TU Ilmenau, at work in the SIOS test laboratory.

In industrial environments, fluctuations in temperature, air pressure or humidity can affect high-precision laser interferometric measurements and lead to inaccurate results. Accurate monitoring of environmental parameters is therefore essential. To ensure that measurements are accurate, repeatable and reliable, we recommend that users of our precision measurement technology use our environmental measurement technology to monitor measurement rooms.

Felix Hellmann, a student at the TU Ilmenau, is also interested in this topic. During his 12-week internship at SIOS, he gained valuable practical experience in the field of environmental metrology and calibration. Under the guidance of Dr. Ilko Rahneberg, Technical Director, and Dr. Ralf Schüler, Head of Development, he deepened his knowledge in this field.

On the one hand, Felix dealt with the characterization of some aspects of air pressure sensor calibration and investigated possibilities for its optimization.

He also investigated alternative pressure sensors in terms of the measurement uncertainty they can achieve. The calibration procedure can sometimes achieve even more than the data sheet values.

In addition to these core tasks, Felix also performed measurement tasks during his internship, such as setting up measuring devices or temperature sensors. This deepened his technical understanding and broadened his practical skills.

"I am impressed by the wide range of precision measurement systems and laser interferometers at SIOS. I am particularly fascinated by SIOS' scientific claim to measure with high accuracy and low measurement uncertainty," says Felix. "I appreciate the integration into the team and the trust placed in me for tasks such as pressure calibration. Overall, I have gained valuable insights into laser interferometry, environmental calibration and sensor development at a leading company in the industry".

Felix's interest was piqued, so he decided to extend his time at SIOS and pursue the topic in his bachelor's thesis. He will complete and defend his thesis this summer.

We wish Felix all the best!