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World Interferometry Day 2022

— Two exciting days around the topic of interferometry are behind us

On April 06, 2022, there was a popular science action day at the Ernst Abbe Center on the campus of the Technical University. Interested people could acquire basic knowledge about the origin and use of interferences at different stations. Thus, one could learn what an interferometer actually is, how an interferometer is constructed according to the Michelson principle, which types of lasers are used as light sources or what interference has to do with the color of soap bubbles.

At the SIOS booth, our Sales Manager Peter Grundschock presented to the interested visitors how to measure the vibrations of a loudspeaker with a laser interferometric vibrometer LSV-NG.

Those who wanted to know what the students, doctoral candidates and scientists of the Department of Process Measurement and Sensor Technology are researching could take part in a guided tour through the department's "interferometric treasure trove".

The day was rounded off with music and a laser show. The program highlight of the evening was definitely the playing of Prof. Manske (head of the Institute for Process Measurement and Sensor Technology) on his laser harp.

Five days later, on April 11, 2022, scientists from Germany, Belgium, Japan and the USA met for the international scientific symposium. Guest speakers gave presentations on various forms of interferometry from holography to novel applications of interferometry.
The lecture of our managing director Dr. Denis Dontsov was about multi-steel interferometers in precision length measurement.

The breaks and the evening meeting were used for an exchange on the current state of research in the field of interferometry.

In the afternoon, the symposium participants had the opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the Institute for Process Measurement and Sensor Technology.

Among other things, the nanopositioning and nanometrology machine NPMM-200 was on display. There are just two examples of this machine, one at the TU Ilmenau and one in Stuttgart. This machine has a measuring and positioning range of 200 mm x 200 mm x 25 mm and a resolution of 0.02 nm. The NPP-1 nanopositioning platform was also presented to the participants.
As the Nanofabrication Machine 100, it serves as an important experimental platform at TU Ilmenau for basic research in the field of tip- and laser-based nanofabrication for sub-10nm patterning on surfaces up to Ø 100 mm.
From SIOS this planar laser interferometric measurement and positioning system for AFM is manufactured and distributed as nanopositioning platform NPP-1 for positioning, manipulation, processing and measurement of objects of microelectronics, micromechanics, optics, microsystems technology with nanometer accuracy in large spatial ranges.

For those who could not attend or are now curious, it is worth taking a look at the website Here you will find numerous articles, presentations, videos and information from the early days of the Michelson interferometer to today's use of interferometry.

If you want to know how laser interferometric precision measurement technology from SIOS works, which measurement tasks can be solved with our measurement systems, then meet our experts from 26.04.-29.04.2022 at Laser World of Photonics in Munich or 03.05.-06.05.2022 at Control in Stuttgart.
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