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High precision thickness measurements using tactile probes

— In this webinar, you will gain insight into the problem of high-precision thickness measurement of extended objects using tactile gauge heads.

[Translate to Englisch:] Waferdickenmessplatz WDM-1

Wafer thickness measuring station WDM-1: high precision measurement of wafer thickness (Wafer ⌀ from 100...300 mm) // measurement range thickness: 0...10 mm // measurement uncertainty (⌀ 300 mm range): < 50 nm // measurement uncertainty (center): < 20 nm

As usual, our SIOS experts have prepared both theoretical information and practical application examples for you.

Starting with a description of typical influences and contributions to measurement uncertainty we will, among other things, talk about:

  • comparisons between different device principles of tactile thickness measurement,
  • the interferometric tactile gauging-probe LM 20 and LM 50 from SIOS and their advantages over other high-precision gauges,
  • applications for high-precision thickness measurements such as the SIOS Gauge-block calibration system EPP (the lens and wafer thickness measuring station will be shown) as well as
  • possibilities of upgrading existing length and thickness measurement setups with interferometers.

At the end, our speakers will answer questions from the live webinar chat.

Speakers: Wolfram Meyer // Michael Kühnel, Project Manager R&D

Language: English

Recording date: March 08, 2022

Time: 50 min


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