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High-precision simultaneous displacement and angle measurement

— Quality assurance through precise alignment of motion and positioning systems

From the optics to the semiconductor industry to medical technology, as well as for calibration tasks, the very highest accuracy is required.
Applications such as measurements on guideways, measuring, microscope and positioning stages, pitch and yaw angle correction for two- or multi-coordinate measurements, calibration of measuring machines and machine tools require precise alignment of motion and positioning systems and are crucial for quality assurance.

The problem here is that many of these measurements take place in production environments that cannot provide optimum laboratory conditions, i.e. the technology used is exposed to fluctuating environmental influences such as temperature and air pressure. It is therefore important for the user that the measurements can be made quickly and easily.

With SIOS precision measurement systems such as the SP 5000 TR laser interferometer, displacement and angle measurements:

  • highly precise
  • highly dynamic
  • simultaneous and
  • high-resolution

be carried out.

In our webinar: High-precision simultaneous displacement and angle measurement, our experts will give you insights into the theory and practice of length and angle measurement technology.

You will learn which factors have an influence on measurement uncertainties, how to realize an Abbe error-free measurement setup or compensate for Abbe errors and for which application areas the measurement systems are suitable.

At the end, our speakers will answer questions from the live webinar chat.


Speakers: Dr. Denis Dontsov, Falko Seyfferth

Language: Englisch

Recording date: January 19, 2023

Time: 33 min

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