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Displacement angle differential interferometer

SP 5000 DI/DS

Four-beam laser interferometric displacement angle difference measuring system 

highly stable differential length and pitch angle measurements

perfect for XY stages

beam distances 15 mm (length measurement) and 6 mm (angle measurement)

extremely low temperature sensitivity < 20 nm / K

OEM and vacuum versions of the device are available

The SP 5000 DI/DS interferometer combines the advantages of a differential interferometer with those of a multi-beam interferometer. For the first time, it combines a highly stable length measurement based on the differential principle with a high-resolution interferometric tilt angle measurement. This makes it possible to detect not only the tiniest movements, but also the smallest tilts over larger areas without the results being subject to thermal and physical environmental influences.

The interferometer is designed for use on plan mirrors and as built-in measurement systems. Application with reflectors is possible. The interferometer is adjusted using ultra-stable optical components integrated into the beam path.

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Technical data

0 m to ≥ 2 m


5 pm

0.15 ppm

±430 µrad
with plane mirror


Areas of application

Simultaneous measurement of length and angle to compensate for Abbe Error in the measuring arrangement.

Position control of X-Y tables when using a measuring system with two sensor heads 

Long-term stable length and angle measurements, highest resolution measurements

Ideal for

long-term measurements

OEM applications

highest stability requirements

Measuring principle of the differential interferometer

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