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Nanopositioning Platform


Planar laser interferometric measurement and positioning system for AFM

2.5 D positioning and measuring system of highest accuracy

measurement and positioning range: surface Ø 100 mm

lateral measurement resolution ≤ 0.02 nm

control: 3 fiber-coupled differential interferometers

Metrological repeatability by using the HeNe lasers at 633 nm as the light source for the interferometers.

Atomic force microscopes as probing measuring system, others on request

open device architecture enables application of customer-specific sensors

The NPP-1 is controlled via PC software. A user API is available.

The NPP-1 nanomeasurement and positioning platform allows positioning in a range of about 100 mm. The high resolution of the laser interferometers used for control, the rigid architecture of the positioning anodrnung, the air-bearing axes of the positioning system and an optimized control system allow the position deviations and path fidelity of the movements < 2 nm RMS.

The measurement object is placed directly on a moving mirror. The position and the rotation of the mirror are detected interferometrically.

Ultra-stable interferometers of the SP-DI/F series are used in this system. The light from a stabilized laser is transmitted via optical fibers from the electronics unit to the interferometer heads. This results in a compact and temperature-stable design of the NPP-1.

With a payload of up to 5 kg, even larger and heavier objects can be positioned with high precision using the platform. The principle of the NPP-1 nanopositioning system is designed to be scalable and thus the system can be customized on request.

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Technical data

≈ 100 mm

<0.1 nm

Areas of application

positioning, manipulation, processing and measurement of objects of microelectronics, micromechanics, optics, microsystems technology with nanometer precision in large spatial ranges

continuous AFM scans over large areas are possible

open device architecture, use of customer-specific probing sensors is possible

Ideal for


research / development

Measurement principle of the nanopositioning platform

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