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Displacement-angle differential interferometer captures multiple degrees of freedom

— Currently, used measurement methods in industrial manufacturing are reaching the limits of what is technically feasible. SIOS experts develop high-precision measurement technology to precisely determine positioning or surface modifications with tolerances in the nanometer or even picometer range, for example.

Measurement with the displacement-angle difference interferometer in a vacuum chamber. Source: SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH + © nordroden -

With the same requirements for measurement accuracy, it makes no significant difference whether a measurement is made in a minimal space over the smallest distances on a wafer or over a distance of several meters on large objects. In addition, the complexity of measurement tasks increases, such as position control of x-y tables, measurements of thermal material expansion, investigations of creep and drift behavior of objects, refractive index measurements, high-precision length and angle measurements, and many more.
High-precision measurements in clean rooms and vacuum chambers or the use of high-precision measurement technology in the often harsh industrial environment pose special challenges for today's measurement technology specialists. Here, for example, factors such as changing thermal and physical environmental influences, ensuring the stable repeatability of multiple measurements, but also requirements from industrial mass production, effectiveness, investment volume and cost-effectiveness count.

The increasing demand for suitable solutions challenged the innovative power and know-how of the SIOS specialists. The result is a unique solution: the displacement-angle differential interferometer.
The developers succeeded in combining the technical advantages of the differential laser interferometer SP 5000 DI and the triple beam interferometer SP 5000 TR in a new measuring instrument. The displacement-angle differential interferometer SP 5000 DI-TR is specially designed to meet the increasing demands of the manufacturing industry described above. With the displacement-angle differential interferometer it is possible to perform long-term stable simultaneous measurements of several degrees of freedom at the same time, even over longer distances, by compensating for environmental factors.