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Nanomeasuring machine finds its way into mechanical engineering

— Last week, we could deliver for the first time a nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machine to an industrial company.

Highest accuracy in the construction of the nanomeasuring machine

The highest precision is required when setting up the nanomeasuring machine on site.

BE Semiconductor Industries NV (Besi) designs and manufactures state-of-the-art assembly systems and equipment for leadframe, substrate and wafer-level packaging applications in a variety of end-use markets, including electronics, mobile internet, cloud server, computer, automotive, industrial, LED and solar energy.

Besi customers are primarily leading multinational chip manufacturers, assembly suppliers, and electronics and industrial companies around the world.

The Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machine NMM-1 was installed in the R&D department. With a measurement volume of 25 x 25 x 5 cubic millimeters and a positioning uncertainty of less than 10 nanometers, the nanometrology machine is currently the most accurate of its kind in the world. The developers use the NMM-1, among other things, for the further development and quality control of their high-precision camera systems.

“Over the last couple of years, the accuracy of Besi's die bonders has tightened from some micrometers to 200 nanometers.", said Hubert Selhofer, Principal Engineer Advanced Technology. 
"Reliable measurement capabilities are key to progressing in this sub-micrometer world, and that requirement triggered the sourcing process of a reference measurement system.
​​Overall the specification for this reference system was demanding: on the one hand a generous working space is required and on the other hand the system has to deliver traceable accuracy within nm precision.
We started an intense and interesting discussion with SIOS regarding the NMM-1 platform. Those discussions quickly raised our confidence in the technical capabilities of SIOS and the list of reference customers (PTB, BEV, ...) is convincing.
We would like to thank SIOS for the on schedule delivery and hassle free installation of the system and we are looking forward to doing more projects with SIOS.”

We are glad that we were able to convince Besi of our competence. Once again, we have succeeded in opening up the potential of laser interferometry at the highest metrological level for practical applications. At the same time, we are bringing Besi a step closer to its own goal of becoming the world's leading supplier of semiconductor assembly systems for advanced packaging applications.