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Nano Vibration Analyzer


Vibrometer system for microstructures and MEMS

high-precision, non-contact vibration measurement on micro-objects

easy adjustment and handling

extensive trigger options

X-Y table 50 mm x 50 mm, other options on request

Microscope objective 10x, 20x, 50x

Spot diameter 2 µm - 10 µm, (depending on objective)

OEM use of the vibrometer unit is possible

open interfaces for OEM software under Windows and Linux

FFT software for spectral analysis

The Nano Vibration Analyzer NA is a combination of a fiber-coupled vibrometer of the LSV 120 NG series with an engineering microscope. The system is ideally suited for measuring the dynamic behavior and static deflection of microstructures, MEMS and cantilevers. Depending on the objective used, a measurement spot size of less than 2 µm can be achieved.
The measured object can be positioned and scanned over a wide range using an X-Y stage and can be observed through a camera. The microscope objective is interchangeable and defines both the visible range and the laser spot diameter. The achievable displacement resolution of the laser interferometric vibrometer is in the picometer range, and vibration frequencies up to 5 MHz can be analyzed.
A specially developed software is offered for the acquisition and display of the measurement data. In addition to frequency analysis of the vibration and triggered measurement recording, this software enables control of the X-Y table and an external frequency generator. More extensive measurement sequences can be automated via scripts.

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Technical data

05 MHz

max. 3 m/s

5 pm

Areas of application

vibration and displacement measurement on microcomponents, MEMS

non-contact vibration measurement on surfaces of any roughness

determination of vibration spectra

determination of vibration modes

determination of natural frequencies on microobjects and macroscopic components

multi-coordinate measurements with multiple systems

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Ideal for

quality control


science / research

OEM applications

Set up of the Nano Vibration Analyzer

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