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Double Beam Laser Interferometer

SP 5000 DS

Double beam laser interferometer for simultaneous and accurate length and angle measurements

flexible length measuring system of highest accuracy

angle detection with highest accuracy

easy adjustment and handling

various optical reflectors can be used, e.g. spherical, plane mirror reflector

permissible tilting of the measuring reflector up to ± 12.5° 

compact design

sensor head is available in aluminum, stainless steel or invar

Beam distance: 12 mm standard, others on request

OEM versions, OEM software and vacuum version are possible

extensive trigger options

SP 5000 DS double-beam laser interferometers are used for measuring tasks that require simultaneous acquisition of an angle of motion in addition to length information. The measuring principle of this interferometer is based on the SP 5000 NG measuring device.
Two measuring laser beams use the light of a common laser with the same frequency. The beam spacing between the two measuring beams is calibrated with high precision. The parallelism of the measuring beams to each other is of great importance. If both beams use a common reflector, the angle can be measured and calculated with high resolution in motion by forming the difference. 
If the two beams are operated independently of each other, differential measurements can be performed. For particularly high demands on the long-term stability of the differential measurement, we recommend the SP 5000 DI series interferometer. Measurement tasks that require the simultaneous acquisition of another angle can be performed with the three-beam SP 5000 TR interferometer.

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Technical data

up to 5 m

20 pm

0.1 µm/m

with reflector

with plane-mirror


Areas of application

simultaneous measurement of displacement and angle

as feedback measuring system for plane tables in combination with other interferometers

differential measurements for material tests 

differential vibration measurements using attachment optics

Ideal for

quality control



science / research

OEM applications

Measuring principle of the interferometer SP 5000 DS


Ball reflector unit for SP 5000 DS

beam distance 12 mm

item number A041284

Environmental Correction

sensor box SB-22

temperature transducer TT-01 for air or material temperature sensor

air humidity sensor

Adjustment table

lifting height 80 mm – max. 150 mm/ x-axial ±12.5 mm

item number A032051

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